The school won a debate competition organized by the National Geographical Association of Nigeria.

The school won all soccer games played against other schools in the city (9-6 against Samadi International School, 7-6 against Lebanon School, 2-0 against Kano Capital, and 1-1 against Kano Model Schools).
The school won a five-college quiz competition organized by the Federal Government College, Kano.

The Crescent Typhoons beat their Samadi counterparts in a basketball game 45-43 points.
Crescent International School came second (2nd) in the federation in the W.A.E.C May/June examinations.

CIS won the first Ehtesham Football Tournament, which was played against Prime College, Intercontinental College, and Samadi International School.

Crescent came second (2nd) in the science competition organized by Cowbell.

Bhargavi Patel won the Pan-African Maths Olympiad at the state level.
Luba Rabiu and Priya Mittal came first and second respectively in the Cowbell nationwide finals.
Aisha Indabawa came third in the PTDF Maths Competition.

CIS produces its first Secretary-General of the Model United Nations in Nigeria in the person of Yusuf Suleiman Ilu.

The delegation that attended the Model United Nations conference in Abuja, Nigeria. Rabi Abdullahi returned home having been appointment Director of NISSMUN, Chigo Nwadike earned the title - Chairman of the UNICEF Committee of the model United Nations.

Sani Abdullahi Sadiq was appointed Under-Secretary General, while Emenike Chinonsu and Amir Farouk returned having been honoured as Directors of NISSMUN.

During the NISSMUN Conference, CIS won a projector and Sara Bala was awarded the title - Director of NISSMUN.