As Part of our social responsibility, Crescent International School Kano is partnering with Green Pasture and Home Initiative, Kano, a Non- Governmental Organization (N.G.O.) with the passion and concern for orphans and vulnerable children (O.V.C.)

Orphanages are an important part of our society as they give children the kind of upbringing they need regardless of their family situation.
Crescent shows love and support to Green Pasture in form of donations, scholarship to some of the children, and social interaction between the children and the students and staff of CIS.


Cresecent International School visit to Green Pasture Home Initiatives

           visi to GreenPasture1         visi to GreenPasture2

Innugural visit to Green Pasture & Home Initiative by the Director, Teachers, and some students of Crescent International School on 7th July, 2016 (see more picture)



Visit to Crescent International School by children of Green Pasture Home Initiative


             Greenpasturevisit1        greenpasturevisit2