There are different subjects taught in the senior and junior sections of Crescent International School, Kano and for easy administration and coordination and they are grouped into departments under the supervision of capable “Heads of Departments”. The departments and subjects are as follows:

Science Department

Agricultural Science
Basic Science
I.C.T (Information and Computer Technology)
Technical Drawing
Physical and Health Education

Social Science Department

Business studies
Christian Religious Studies (C.R.S)
Social Studies
Civic Education
Visual Arts
Islamic Religious Studies (I.R.S)
Financial Accounting

Language Department

English Language (Taught under the following units: Grammar, Comprehension, Phonetics, Composition and vocabulary development.)
Literature in English
Hausa Language
Arabic Language
French Language

Mathematics Department

Further Mathematics

Making learning relevant to the lives of our students is paramount to keeping them interested, motivated and prepared for post secondary experiences. As we continue our commitment to provide a standard based education for our students, it is important that we deliver our curricular in a way that the student connects to life skills which ultimately prepares them for post secondary education and a career in future.
The teachers in Crescent incorporate relevance into academic subjects and help the students to discover their talents, develop their dreams and explore possible future careers. This is actually done from the junior secondary school section to the senior secondary school section.