1. Students must be in the Schools Premises before the Assembly starts at 7.45am, as it is very important for students to attend the morning assembly. The School gate will get closed by 8am and no student will be allowed to get in.
  2. Students must always be neatly and properly dressed in the recommended school uniform (white shirt with grey trouser and white socks with black shoes). Defaulting students will be asked to go back home. Jewelries and wrong shoes will be confiscated.
  3. Students must pay attention to lessons in the class. Noise making and disturbing the teacher is strictly forbidden.
  4. English is the medium of communication in the school, No other Language(s) should be spoken.
  5. Students should be respectful to the staff and their respective seniors. Students must always greet all members of staff no matter how many times they have to.
  6. Students should always be courteous to others and never use foul or abusive language(s)
  7. The school needs to be notified if any student is going to be absent from school. A written note will be needed to explain why the student was or is going to be absent.
  8. If any student is absent for 3 consecutive weeks without prior notice, his/her name will be removed from the class register.
  9. Going out of the school premises during school hours is strictly prohibited. Where a student has to leave, the permission of the director or the administrative office must be sought and granted.
  10. All assignments and homework’s given must be done and submitted at the stipulated time. The school frowns at laziness or indolence.
  11. Students should maintain cleanliness of their respective classrooms and the school compound. Eating, drinking and littering in classroom are strictly prohibited.
  12. Students should not bring any kind of D.V.Ds, C.Ds, or magazines etc for exchange or discussion in the school.
  13. Students should be careful with school furniture. If any student damages or breaks any furniture intentionally he/she will have to replace it.
  14. A pass in all main or core subjects are the minimum requirement for promotion from one class to another. The pass percentage remains the same (20/30 in Continuous Assessment and 40/70 in exams)
  15. School dues must be paid within 2 weeks of resumption of the term. The school management reserves the right to disallow defaulting students from attending classes if the due is not paid within the stipulated time.
  16. No students will be allowed to write sectional exams if he/she owes any dues to the School.
  17. No student should come with his/her car to the school or be involved Drag Racing around the school premises.