A problem shared is half solved!

From guidance and counseling unit, we heartwarmingly open our doors to any and every of our students’ concern, burdens, and uncertainties on any or all issues. Our students do not have to bear those burdens alone. Guidance and counseling door is always opened to our students, our services are professional and highly confidential. Students’ problems and privacy are our concern and pleasure.

We counsel students that are engaged in Smoking, Stealing, Truancy, Absenteeism, Lying, and Lateness to school, or  Drug abuse.

Also, we handle cases of students that dislike particular (some school subjects), have hatred for certain school teachers, have phobia for school, or have problem of studying.

Guidance and Counseling unit assist students who are having psychological issues like unhappiness, Confusion, worriness, frustration, or disappointment in any area of their daily life through counseling.

For students undergoing challenges of indecisions on choice of subjects, choice of career, choice of university, or having poor time management, or having problem adjusting to school environment, our unit is ever ready to guide such students through these challenging phases.

Our door is always opened to students suffering from inferiority complex such as low achievement in academic, child abuse, loss parental identity, and parental rejection.